All of our G50 woodchip is sourced locally and quality controlled to both BSL and Woodsure standards.

To ensure that you receive these benefits directly, each batch is individually tested to ensure not only compliance but most importantly, consistency.

By purchasing Wilby Tree Biomass G50 woodchip you guarantee yourself:

  • A consistent Moisture content tailored to your needs (+- 2%)
  • No contaminates or foreign objects
  • Improved boiler efficiency
  • Maximised RHI returns
  • Significantly reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Less downtime

At Wilby Tree Biomass we focus our attentions on three key specifications when catering to your needs:

Moisture Content – The majority of boiler efficiency issues are related to the moisture content of your fuel. With higher moisture contents, you are buying a much higher percentage of water within your fuel and more water means less heat! We have found that the optimum moisture content in comparison to cost is 25%.

Wilby Tree Biomass are able to produce woodchip to a moisture content of 15% through to 50%. All of our woodchip is guaranteed to a maximum +/- 3% variation.

Dimensions – We are able to produce woodchip to G50 size specifications. In working to these specifications we guarantee that the fuel produced at Wilby Tree Biomass is applicable for your appliance and fuel handling system.

Consistency – We constantly monitor the woodchip we produce internally and externally to ensure it meets our Woodsure accredited fuel specifications. We do this by undertaking regular chipper maintenance to ensure blades remain sharp along with constant testing of our woodchip with calibrated sieves and moisture meters. Samples are regularly sent away for auditing to ensure standards are upheld. As we dry our woodchip in small batches, we can service multiple clients with different moisture content and size requirements at the same time.

“Wilby Tree Surgeons Ltd are running a very professional tree surgery business with a willingness and desire to do the very best in terms of arboricultural practices, legislative and industry good practice requirements. On site work practices and paperwork have been maintained to a very high standard.”

Chris Cooper-Abbs – Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor Scheme Assessor