Case Studies

Case Study - Tree Felling

Project: Open University, Milton Keynes

Client: The Open University

Project Information:

This project involved dismantling a group of mature oak trees which, over a period of time, had declined as a result of changes to their surroundings. Once a copse within a field network, the trees became enclosed by university buildings which created a micro climate, altering the hydrology of the site. This resulted in a negative effect on the physiology of the trees which resulted in the severe structural instability of one of the buildings.

Project Challenges:

One of the adjacent buildings housed the national call centre for the University. In order to keep disturbance to a minimum work could only be undertaken at weekends. Additionally, the University imposed a time limit of 3 weekends for the project to be completed.

The trees were located in a courtyard completely enclosed by buildings. Access was restricted by low covered walkways which meant large machinery and vehicles could not be used. We had to utilise a quad, trailer and a mini telehandler. Our smallest chip truck had warning beacons removed from the roof, tyres changed and the tipping body lowered to allow access through the low walkway.

All arisings and materials required careful management. Timber and cord wood had to be removed in small pieces while top soil required transportation in small quantities. Managing materials in this manner was time consuming. During the week the site had to be secured and over the weekend pedestrian movement had to be managed. Effective management from our team ensured we completed the project safely and within the timescales set by the University.


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“Wilby Tree Surgeons Ltd are running a very professional tree surgery business with a willingness and desire to do the very best in terms of arboricultural practices, legislative and industry good practice requirements. On site work practices and paperwork have been maintained to a very high standard.”

Chris Cooper-Abbs – Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor Scheme Assessor