Case Studies

Case Study - Tree Removal

Project: Removal of Poplar Trees

Client: Private Resident

Project information

Six large Lombardy Poplar trees growing in close proximity to a residential property had to be removed as they were causing subsidence damage. The trees were located in a large rear garden with restricted access. In order to reduce costs for the client and cause as minimal disruption to the local residents a 65t crane was utilised to remove the trees in large sections, rather than dismantling in small sections.

Project Challenges

Being located in a large residential garden with restricted access, the removal of these trees was to prove challenging. The adjacent landowner would only allow access across their paddock if the area was entirely protected with trackmat. While this was a reasonable request from the landowner and entirely achievable it was cost prohibitive for the client. As such, the quickest and most cost effective solution was to lift the trees in large sections over the roof of the adjacent houses.

The two houses within the radius of the crane evacuated for the day with the road closed to traffic and pedestrians. The method statement and lifting plan identified the most suitable route for lifting the sections as being straight over the roof of the closest house with an emergency drop zone in the neighbouring paddock.

All trees were successfully dismantled, lifted over the house, lowered to the road and processed through the crane fed Heizohack woodchipper. The work was completed in less than seven hours and the residents were able to return to their homes in the late afternoon.


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“Wilby Tree Surgeons Ltd are running a very professional tree surgery business with a willingness and desire to do the very best in terms of arboricultural practices, legislative and industry good practice requirements. On site work practices and paperwork have been maintained to a very high standard.”

Chris Cooper-Abbs – Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor Scheme Assessor