Case Studies

Case Study - Root Investigation

Project: Stowe School Root Investigation

Client: Stowe School

Project Information:

Wilby Tree were commissioned to carry out an investigation of tree roots on a mature Beech tree to establish if they had become compromised by Meripilus giganteus. The tree was in a high risk area adjacent to a busy access track to the church.

Utilising an air spade, soil was excavated exposing the roots. Our Registered Consultant used a resistograph to test the volume of decay within the wood. This found the infection to be minor, allowing the tree to be retained with on-going assessment.

Project Challenges

In order to test the major roots a significant volume of soil had to be removed. Being located adjacent to a frequently used access track to a church, the excavations required careful management to ensure dust and debris did not affect pedestrians. Solid barriers were erected to prevent projectiles with work ceasing as people passed by.

Being located in a busy thoroughfare there were many questions from passers-by. A member of the team was assigned to provide information on what was happening and why to ensure the public were kept informed of why the work were being undertaken.


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“Wilby Tree Surgeons Ltd are running a very professional tree surgery business with a willingness and desire to do the very best in terms of arboricultural practices, legislative and industry good practice requirements. On site work practices and paperwork have been maintained to a very high standard.”

Chris Cooper-Abbs – Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor Scheme Assessor