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Case Studies - Tree Felling

Project: Becketts Park Marina Project

Client: Environment Agency

Project Information:

Due to development of a marina within an existing lake there was a requirement to remove Willow trees from two islands located within the lake, itself on an island, surrounded by the River Nene. Along with the trees on the islands, Poplar on the riverside embankments were reduced in height.

In order to facilitate the works and gain access from the banks of the River Nene, we utilised an amphibious vehicle and a ridged inflatable boat. All woodchip and timber was retained on the islands. In order to deter birds from nesting before development commenced Humming Tape was installed on both islands. This had to be checked daily to ensure it was still in situ.

When development commenced, the woodchip and timber was removed from the islands utilising excavators, barges and roll on/off bins transported to the islands.


Project Challenges:

For the first phase an Amphibious Vehicle (AV) had to be used to transport all personal, tools and wood chippers to the internal islands. Due to the steep river banks along the River Nene a bridge was erected over a Lock to the western aspect to allow the AV access to a slipway. As the lock had to remain operational the bridge was craned into position to allow the AV over the lock before being removed. From here the AV could cross the river to the main island, drive up and over the embankment into the lake to the inner islands.


Before the AV could be used Wilby Tree had to depth test and establish a safe route across the lake to the inner islands. In order to prevent silt contamination into the River Nene crossings of the lake were strictly limited to reduce lake bed disturbance with silt traps installed to prevent leakage into the free flowing water.

When the first phase was complete, daily visits to the islands were undertaken for two months to ensure Humming Tape was still in situ. Wilby Tree had to utilise Canoes to first cross the River Nene before lifting the canoes over the main island embankment and into the lake. All equipment had to be moved manually during this time.


Once development commenced all woodchip and timber was extracted from the islands. Two forty tonne excavators pulled themselves across to the islands on a barge. Once on the islands, arisings were loaded into 40 cubic yard bins, placed on the barge and taken to awaiting Lorries at the quay side before removal back to the Wilby yard for screening and recycling.

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“Wilby Tree Surgeons Ltd are running a very professional tree surgery business with a willingness and desire to do the very best in terms of arboricultural practices, legislative and industry good practice requirements. On site work practices and paperwork have been maintained to a very high standard.”

Chris Cooper-Abbs – Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor Scheme Assessor