Wow! that season didn’t disappoint, it was definitely an initiation into the role! From the outset I was confident in all our abilities, we had to wait a few weeks for the season to get going, October and November were unusually quiet. Once we got towards Christmas things changed dramatically with deployments most nights over Christmas and onto mid-February. The team were flexible and resilient delivering Winter Services when required no matter what day or time, Christmas day, early mornings, short turnarounds were accepted embraced and the service delivered, I built a huge respect for the team’s commitment and professionalism.

Then came the snow, we had two periods of significant snowfall which brought widespread disruption to the area. If I had thought the team had excelled previously I could not have imagined the effort and commitment which was to follow. The whole Winter Services team, supplemented and supported by other Wilby Tree staff and management worked day and night to ensure our contracted clients businesses, schools, colleges, and hospitals could continue to operate. Attention then moved to respond to pleas for help from non-contracted business that were unable to trade or operate due to the conditions. Several large and small companies were cleared and now recognise the importance and have signed a Wilby Tree Winter Services Contract for effective Business Continuity.

March began mostly settled, but rather cold. From the 9th onwards it turned milder the month ended very warm with the average temperature over a degree higher than the mean and gave us a little rest. April however was an exceptional month an many ways, it began settled, but soon turned unusually cold delivering snow showers. It was the fourth driest April since 1862, sunshine was well above average, it was the sunniest April since 1919.  It was however colder than March for the first time since 2012, minimum temperatures were 3 °C below average and the number of air frosts in April was the highest since 1960.

Some statistics from the season; –
• 2750 visits to sites
• 550 tonnes of White Marine Salt spread
• 700kgs of Ice Melt granules
• 6000 litres of Magic Ice Melt solution
• 8700 litres of fuel used
• 2500 hours worked.

The season was hugely successful, clients are re-signing and joining in large numbers, enormous amounts of positive feedback has been given by satisfied clients.

In summary “The Team smashed it”!